Schenck, Johannes
Schenck: Nymphe di Rheno
Kuijken, Wieland;
Joubert-Caillet, François
nr katalogowy
RIC 336
Born in Amsterdam and based in Germany, Johannes Schenk blended the musical influences of the English viol school and of Marin Marais. Each volume of his works has its own individual character: the volume entitled Le Nymphe di Rheno contains twelve sonatas for two bass viols without figured bass. Schenk here makes use of the Italian sonata form, as he does in the church sonatas as well as the chamber sonatas with their dance movements. French influences can also be felt in the various rondeaux and minuets and above all in the monumental Chaconne of the Sonata in G major.Two splendid musicians here meet face to face. Wieland Kuijken, one of the pioneers of the viola da gamba revival and the teacher of dozens of today’s most talented musicians, needs no further introduction. François Joubert-Caillet belongs to the new generation: a pupil of Paolo Pandolfo, he performs with many ensembles including Leonardo Garcia Alarcon’s Cappella Mediterranea and Clematis. This CD was recorded in the wonderful atmosphere of he superb Romanesque church of Notre-Dame de Centeilles in the Minervois region of France. François Joubert-Caillet is now embarking upon projects in collaboration with Ricercar not only as a soloist but also together with his viol ensemble L’Achéron; the ensemble’s first CD will be recorded in August 2013.
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