Kuhnau, Johann
Kuhnau: Frische Clavier-Fruchte
Katzschke, Jan
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CPO 777532
»Of Good Invention and Manner« Johann Kuhnau has often been overshadowed by Bach’s genius – even though it was the former who inspired the latter to select the title Clavier-Übung for four of his keyboard publications and preceded him as music director at St. Thomas in Leipzig during the years prior to 1723. Kuhnau was a remarkable composer, and the pianist and composer Eduard Erdmann wrote in his notes about keyboard music before Bach, »Kuhnau is one of the great masters of keyboard composition, and his works are absolutely worth being rediscovered!« Kuhnau’s sonatas created a sensation and set in motion the triumphal march of the keyboard sonata through to its victory in Beethoven. The sonatas evidently met with such great enthusiasm that Kuhnau felt obliged to compose and publish further such works – and so too the Frische Clavier-Früchte (Fresh Keyboard Fruits). Kuhnau once again demonstrates his solid mastery of the compositional craft with brilliant wit and seemingly inexhaustible creativity.
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