Bach, Johann Sebastian
Bach: Suites BWV 1007-1012 - suity na wiolonczelę w transkrypcji na klawesyn
Remy, Ludger
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For three centuries Johann Sebastian Bach's works have been highly sought-after models for arrangements of many kinds. Now one of the most prominent German musicians in the field of "early music" is succeeding with an essence of his thinking and musical creativity: an arrangement of the cello solo suites that have been legendary since Casal's time, whereby both the score and the interpretation are by Rémy, played on a replica of a historical instrument from 1976. • Rémy explains that the works in his interpretation "...sound like independent music in its own language, not like a simple piano score, since they - owed to the new instrument - intervene considerably in the original sound substance without changing the compositional substance or denying its origin. ... As an example I used the works of Jean Baptiste Antoine Forqueray the Younger (1699 - 1782). I took these works as textbooks and examples, because they show the difference between simple transcription and independent adaptation for another sound world. Under no circumstances should the adaptations be associated with the sound of a simple transmission, but should produce music that already existed, but which now corresponded very specifically to the new instrument harpsichord and its world of sound: not cello suites should be audible, but harpsichord suites. It should not dominate Bach as a noble idea, but Bach on the harpsichord."
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Muzyka klasyczna
Celestial Harmonies

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