Telemann, Georg Philipp
Telemann: Wind Concertos Vol. 5
La Stagione Frankfurt;
Schneider, Michael
nr katalogowy
CPO 777 401-2
In the second edition of his Critischer Musikus of 1745 Johann Adolph Scheibe described Telemann's writing style as »›körnicht, ‹ in keeping with the things, and all in all perfectly skilled for all expressions« and meant by this that in its compositional technique Telemann's music could be classified as especially rich in substance, that it was distinguished by a special robustness or pithiness all of its own. Scheibe also emphasized Telemann's capability to compose in all sorts of national and generic styles while nevertheless always remaining himself – that is, for all his stylistic manifoldness, to have cultivated a pronounced personal style. The concertos on the fifth volume of our complete recording of Telemann's wind concertos offer an outstanding illustration of these important statements by his contemporary, who certainly knew more music by Telemann that any expert or researcher living today.
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