Sor, Fernando
Sor: Complete Studies for Guitar
Leone, Enea
nr katalogowy
The Catalan composer Fernando Sor composed prolifically for the guitar, and his works form a key part of the classical guitar repertoire. He was also an accomplished and acclaimed guitarist, and a teacher who often performed his own guitar duets with his pupils. This collection brings together his complete studies for the instrument, from progressive pieces that were conceived for beginners to fiendishly difficult studies aimed at skilled musicians. The Op.6 Studies are some of Sor’s best-known works, and although they constitute one of his earliest collections of compositions, they nonetheless showcase his refined idiom and masterful approach to polyphony. Published around ten years later, the Op.29 Studies are even more sophisticated and demanding than the Op.6 collection, featuring a wider range of keys, techniques and styles. These formidable studies are complemented by the sets of Progressive Lessons and Exercises – much simpler works, but nonetheless strikingly beautiful and full of character. Indeed, while Sor’s studies clearly demonstrate his profound understanding of the guitar, he never focuses exclusively on technique to the detriment of artistry and musicality. In short, this collection is essential listening for classical guitar enthusiasts.
CD x 3
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