Haydn, Joseph
Haydn: The 7 Last Words Of Christ On The Cross
Le Concert des Nations;
Savall, Jordi
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AV 9854
"Joseph Haydn’s “The 7 Last Words of Christ on the Cross” is one of the most emblematic musical creations of the Age of Enlightenment. More than 200 years later, its spiritual message and expressive power are as vibrant and suggestive as ever. The wonderful Light emanating from each of these pieces remains undimmed, thanks to the composer’s creative genius, his rich inner life and his capacity for poetic/musical symbolism. Seven slow movements – eight if we count the Introduzione- wrought with such variety in terms of their musical invention, rhythms, dynamics, keys and themes, as well as their exceptionally rich palette of sound and expression, that we are totally oblivious to the fact that they are essentially very similar in terms of form and length. But, above all, there is one essential quality that makes this cycle of movements unique: the expressive mood remains one of supremely moving intensity and fervour throughout. Haydn explained his own vision of the work in the following words: “Each Sonata, or rather, each setting of the text, is expressed by instrumental music alone, but in such a way that it creates the most profound impression on even the most inexperienced listener.” (Letter dated 8th April, 1787, to his London publisher William Forster)." Jordi Savall
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