Halle, Adam de la; Alfonso X El Sabio
Hic et nunc - Carmina Burana de la Halle Alfonso X, Codex Las Huelgas
Capella de Ministrers;
Magraner, Carles
nr katalogowy
CDM 1641
Capella de Ministrers presents this 30th anniversary commemorative album, a live recording with a selection of instrumental works of its latest recording on Ramon Llull, a musical mixture that enjoins the dreams of all the Mediterranean shores.Ramon Llull was born in the island of Majorca ca. 1232, shortly after King James I had conquered it from the Muslims. After his apprenticeship, Llull begins his first trips on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy, France and Tunis, with his eyes always set upon the East, the Holy Land, with a special emphasis on the idea of a “pax universalis”, an idea that was not utopian for him but both possible and necessary. He will never stop fighting for it until his last trip to North Africa and from where, once back in Mallorca, he would die. The Medieval Journey: a musical mixture that enjoins the dreams of all the Mediterranean shores, the privileged space wherein Llull would act.Ever since its foundation in 1987, the Capella de Ministrers ensemble, directed by Carl has developed an important investigative and musicological task in favour of the musical Spanish patrimony, from the medieval times up to the 19th century. The result transformed into musical testimony, brings together the perfection of three key factors: the historical rigor, the musical sensibility and, specially, an uncontrollable desire to communicate and they make us participants of these experiences.
Muzyka klasyczna
Capella de Ministrers

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