Legrenzi, Giovanni

Legrenzi: Sonate & Balletti

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After Carlo Farina and the Vitalis, Clematis continues its exploration of the Italian Baroque instrumental repertoire with Giovanni Legrenzi. The Sonatas taken from the collections he published in Venice between 1655 and 1673 feature highly diverse forms ranging from the trio sonata up to larger forms for 4, 5, or 6 parts and even double choir. His final collection of instrumental music, Balletti e Correnti, published in 1691, offers us a very different view of instrumental music in which certain French influences cannot be denied. Here, Clematis gives us the first complete anthology of his instrumental works. The variety of forms and forces ensures this disc with a fine diversity of styles from sonatas still close in spirit to those of Biagio Marini up to those for four violins foreshadowing the generation of Vivaldi. Recorded in two different locations, this anthology lets us discover these compositions in the sonority either of the church with its choir organ or , more intimate, the chamber.
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Legrenzi: Sonate & Balletti

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