Bruckner, Anton

Bruckner: Symphony in D minor 1869

Philharmonie Festiva;
Schaller, Gerd
nr katalogowy
PH 15035
With the performance of Anton Bruckner's Fifth and Sixth Symphonies during the music festival "Ebracher Musiksommer 2013" a new cycle of all symphonies of the great Austrian sound master began to close. Under the artistic direction of conductor Gerd Schaller, the Festival Orchestra "Philharmonie Festiva" has recorded Symphonies 1-9 (WAB 101-109) in the impressive sound room of the abbey church of the former Cistercian monastery Ebrach and the equally impressive Regentenbau in Bad Kissingen since 2008. On the basis of new editions (William Carragan), Schaller repeatedly presented scores that had not yet been composed in their original form, the structures of which were created within the framework of Bruckner's compositional process from the first germ cell and original version to various corrections, reworkings and new versions. Among them then also the peculiarities of the Ninth with final fragment completion, the Third in revision version of 1874, the Eighth in revision status of 1888 and the Fourth in its revision status of 1878 ("Volksfestfassung"). Which ultimately provides great insights into Bruckner's composition workshop and presents previously unknown and unheard elements In 2015, Schaller took the anniversary of "25 years of Ebracher Musiksommer" as an opportunity to perform the two most unknown Bruckner symphonies in F minor (WAB 99) and D minor (WAB 100) as well as the grandiose Mass in F minor (WAB 28, 1867f.) and the colossal 146th Psalm (WAB 37, 1858) as part of a Bruckner trilogy, thus completing the Ebracher (or Bad Kissinger) Bruckner cycle. • The early Symphony in D minor ekes out a relatively unnoticed shadowy existence in the otherwise flourishing reception of Bruckner's monumental symphonic works, not least due to its exclusion from the regular symphony count 1-9, which the composer himself calls "annul[l]iert" in the autograph and, as a result, colloquially referred to in reception as the "Nullte".
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Bruckner: Symphony in D minor 1869

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