Marais, Marin; Sainte-Colombe, Jean de; Visée, Robert de

En Suite - Marais; Sainte-Colombe & Visée

Lischka, Romina;
Vanden Eynde, Sofie
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PTY 814129
The viola da gamba and the theorbo are string nobility: an artistic duo embodying the height of grandeur and sophistication. Indeed, the sense of intimacy that can arise between the two in French baroque repertoire provided the impetus for this recording. Though different in appearance and technique one is bowed, the other plucked both instruments have more in common than might at first seem. The viola da gamba s finest hour, however, both in terms of composition and performance, was undoubtedly the result of the work of one man, Marin Marais (1656-1728). It is of course possible to hear echoes, in Marais eccentric style of performance and composition, of his beloved and inspiring teacher Sainte Colombe (c. 1658 1701), about whose life and career we sadly know very little. It was however Sainte Colombe who pioneered the technical innovations needed to make expressive and virtuosic solo performance on the bass viol possible, e.g. by introducing silver-wound strings, which produced a more clearly defined sound. He also added an extra bass string and modified playing technique to allow the left hand to move more freely. Marin Marais haunting instrumental lament 'Tombeau de Ste Colombe' is a pupil s enduring testament in honour of his master.
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En Suite - Marais; Sainte-Colombe & Visée

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