Levinas, Michaël
Levinas: La Métamorphose, Je, tu, il, Un opéra d’après l’oeuvre de Franz Kafka
Ensemble Ictus;
Octors, Georges-Elie
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AECD 1220
'When Gregor Samsa awoke in the morning after an uneasy dream, he found himself turned into a gigantic cockroach. What has happened to me? What has just happened is not a dream!" At the beginning of Kafka's novella, the metamorphosis has already taken place. Now there is only this ordeal, this slow farewell to what is human and life that still goes on. There is Gregor, and then there are the others. Exclusion and rejection are present. The choice made by Michaël Levinas of representing what cannot be represented is fascinating for it infers short cuts and a look that is, in a way, oblique. Suggestion, sketch, refusal of illustration. Between awake, a hard battle and slow degradation, the monstrousness of the one (the cockroach) and that of the others (all the others with the possible, fleeting exception of the Mother) mirroring each other. The king-insect, grown disproportionately large, majestic, inescapable and, at the same time, fragile. Before The Metamorphosis, there is the entry in theatre, the prologue, which here is the language of Valère Novarina; tragicomedy is at work and announces the disaster with sonorities of bedlam theatre.
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