Beethoven, Ludwig van; Berg, Alban
Berg & Beethoven: Violin Concertos
Abbado, Claudio;
Faust, Isabelle;
Orchestra Mozart
nr katalogowy
HMC 902105
The term "dialogue" best describes the idea behind the combination of these two famous violin concertos. Berg deliberately placed his last work in the field of tension between tradition and revolution, between tonal music and emerging "serial" aesthetics - and thus conjured up all the lost things that were once so dear to him. A century earlier, Beethoven had already deconstructed the classical formal language in order to help the solo violin to its own right and to elevate it to the status of a subject. This passionate exchange between the "soul" of the violin and the "choir" of the orchestra is the result of a wonderful encounter between two great artists of our time • "My first experience with Claudio Abbado in 2008 with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra opened the door to a new understanding and experience of Beethoven's Violin Concerto. Claudio Abbado then requested a performance of Alban Berg's Violin Concerto, this time with the Orchestra Mozart. It seemed to him an obvious and obvious continuation of the project to then record these two compositions in rehearsals and concerts and to produce a CD from them. Making music with Claudio Abbado is an infinite happiness, a true key to the magic of music. I am most grateful to him for his trust and infinite admiration for his art." Isabelle Faust
Muzyka klasyczna
Harmonia Mundi

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