Tartini, Giuseppe
Tartini: Suonate a violino
Gatti, Enrico;
Nasillo, Geatano;
Morini, Guido
nr katalogowy
A 420
This Faustian legend shows well the almost unbelieving admiration with which his contemporaries reacted to Tartini's virtuosity, and in the shadow of this narrative the nickname for his most famous work may also have arisen: the Devil's Stripper Sonata. And as a punishment for this legendary devil's pact, Tartini has to live a life on the edge of the repertoire today. It may be that his works are simply too difficult for many violinists to want to display their own mediocrity with their interpretations. But beyond the mere technical horizon of virtuosity, there are so many stylistic and practical questions that one has to be an untiring seeker like Faust in order to trace Tartini's extraordinarily personal musical language • Enrico Gatti is undisputedly one of the most important baroque violinists of our time. His recording of Arcangelo Corelli's sonatas, the great predecessor of Tartini, is one of the highlights of baroque music on CD. Gatti proves with this recording that Tartini's extraordinary beauty and unique personality make his music milestones in the history of music, and in his interpretation he thoroughly clears up the legend of the devil. Just like in his committed text in the supplement, which ends with the words: "Let the devil go to the devil!
CD x 2
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