Liszt, Franz
Liszt: Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses
Amoyel, Pascal
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LDV 107.8
This reissue (Calliope) is a modern Lisztian landmark, with one of the finest readings of his 'Poetic and Religious Harmonies'. Pascal Amoyel is one of the few pianists to have understood the importance of this essentially declamatory music. Liszt's cycle Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses has a special place in my repertoire. For years I've been studying it, watching it evolve, and continue to see it in a new light. And what child-like joy to rediscover works that one thought one knew well! When I listen now to this recording made in 2007, I realize that an album is a snapshot of a precise moment and that this moment is itself already the benchmark of what one used to be and what one will become. Let's go even further: it's probably because it's ""only"" a snapshot that it's an authentic version. The present reissue recreates this type of fragility, a unique ephemeral moment of the creative act caught forever"". • Pascal Amoyel (June 2011)
CD x 2
Muzyka klasyczna
La Dolce Volta

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