Bach, Johann Sebastian
BACH: Concerto in Dialogo -Cantatas BWV 57, 32 & 49
Haller, Salome;
MacLeod, Stephan;
Les Folies Francoises;
Cohen-Akenine, Patrick
nr katalogowy
CYP 1652
The corpus of cantatas of Bach allows in its immense wealth all kinds of associations and readings. It is quite natural to group together three cantatas that bring the soul and its savior into one construction. This sacred conversation is in fact limpid, full of almost theatrical rhetoric, and full of easy-to-understand conventions. The soprano is the soul while the bass, vox dei, responds to him. The choice of interpreters therefore determines the entire project. Salome Haller has a clear and carnal voice, far from the disembodied sopranos usually sought in this repertoire. The singer's support of the words is full of elegance and allows you to follow the text with ease. The vocalization is easy and the nuances well brought. Stephan Macleod will disappoint those who want an impressive and majestic God. The voice is rather clear and the style is always simple without ever the slightest emphasis. The diction is not articulate. This is a kinder savior than lovable than impressive. This makes this interpretative choice a pleasant, almost light and in any case peaceful and comforting moment. The torments pass quickly, everything seems self-evident. The soul does not suffer unbearable sufferings and they seem very quickly forgotten, so much a kind reception is made to him. • The choir intervenes for short moments of chorales sung with what it is necessary of amplitude and a big calm. The orchestra is limpid and very attentive and has a theatrical side without excess. The continuo gives pride of place to the harpsichord except in the BWV 49, in which the very beautiful organ, admirably highlighted by François Saint-Yves, is very present, especially in the sinfonia. Patrick Cohen-Akenine flexibly leads these elegant conversations with a more danceable than theatrical spirit. The success of this beautiful CD comes from the elegance of tone and the refinement of the interpretation. The sound is airy and allows a pleasant listening of all instruments without favoring any while the voices are present.
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