Haydn, Joseph
Haydn: Die Feuersbrunst - Marionetten-Singspiel in 2 Akten
Spering, Andreas;
Capella Augustina
nr katalogowy
CPO 777 213-2
Dramatic productions with marionettes, puppets, and music have always enjoyed great popularity in Austria. Between 1773 and 1779 there was a marionette theater at the summer residence of Prince Nikolaus Esterházy at Esterháza (in today’s Fertöd, Hungary), and at the time, as is generally known, Joseph Haydn was the principal music director at this court. Although it is today a little-known fact, Haydn too wrote operas for puppet theater, including Die Feuersbrunst oder das abgebrannte Haus (The Conflagration or The Burned House) of 1776. In this work Haydn not only employs Viennese dialect but also presents to us one of the last Hanswurst comedies in which all the sympathies are for this poor fellow from the folk and German cousin of Harlequin. The popular character and robust wit of this delightful singspiel suggest that it was written for the servants, for the domestic maid, the coachman, and the minor court official. Here Haydn adhered to the same principle of popularity as Mozart later would do in The Magic Flute. A genuine discovery in honor of the Haydn Year 2009!
CD x 2
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