Parkins/Previte/Elliott Sharp Carbon: Transmigration At The Solar Max
Sharp, Elliott;
Parkins, Zeena;
Previte, Bobby
nr katalogowy
INT 311
Elliott Sharp: 8-String Guitarbass, Soprano Sax, Electronics, Samples & Textures
Zeena Parkins: Electric Harp
Bobby Previte: Drums

Elliott Sharp continues to publish exceptional projects with his Carbon ensembles. After the Carbon Quintet "Void Coordinates" and the three CD box "The Age of Carbon" with legendary recordings of the 80s, a new Carbon album is now being released on Intakt Records: "Transmigration at the Solar Max".
"Aready teeming, activity on the sun increases further culminating with the peak, an elevated state in which sunspots and flares proliferate with profound effects throughout the solar system: fever dreams, ecstatic dances, restless movements both of populations and thought, soul transfers.
On this occasion forces coalesced in the Austrian Tirol with drummer Bobby Previte and electric harpist Zeena Parkins joining Carbon for the manifestation of Transmigration At The Solar Max. Part cosmic turbulence and part roiling soundscape, Transmigration At The Solar Max travels through successively hypercharged zones, the musicians building their activities on and against shifting electro-acoustic drones and matrices of rhythm, unisons splitting and refracting." by Elliott Sharp, NYC, 2018
Intakt Records

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