Courvoisier/Demierre: Deux Pianos

Demierre, Jacques;
Courvoisier, Sylvie
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INT 064
In this collection of pieces, selected from among the output of a recording session that lasted almost two whole days and represented a joint project, the playing reflects the complementary relationship shared by both artists, who set up alternating contrasts and subtle affinities in a trajectory structured enough to endow it with a formal shape, yet sufficiently supple to give each partner the leeway for instantaneous and spontaneous expression. Once again, Jacques Demierre exercises his intellectual and technical mastery Ð and a fair portion of wit Ð in a preconceived compositional approach, arrested and remodelled in the here and now. Sylvie Courvoisier responds with a rebellious energy that owes a lot, culturally and technically, to the fact that she has for some time now been an active participant in the fruitful frenzy and creative ferment of downtown New York. A subtle agreement directs this meeting, as if one would have the Ying of the one evoke the Yang of the other, and visa-versa.
Intakt Records
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Courvoisier/Demierre: Deux Pianos

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