Bach, Johann Sebastian
Bach: Complete Partitas BWV 825-30
Egarr, Richard
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HMM 907593.94
Any composer s Op.1 is a big deal. Bach modelled his own after Kuhnau s 'Neue Clavier Übung', books 1 and 2 of which were published in 1689 and 1692. Bach s ability to see and create a long-term project has its spooky beginnings here. Although the music that inhabits the six Partitas was ready and waiting, rather than publish them together, Bach staggered their delivery. Partita 1 came in 1726, with the other five appearing gradually over the next four years, until finally in 1731 the entire six Partitas were presented as his Clavir [sic] Ubung . . . Opus 1 . . . 1731 . Bach infuses this seemingly effortless music with godly patterns and personal algorithms of stunning brilliance. Many pages have been spent in the pursuit of secret codes in Bach s music: for many, a contentious subject. Bach began by publishing Partita 1 in 1726 when he was 41 years old. Needless to say the final movement of the set (the 41st movement), has as its theme a subject containing 14 notes. The family name not only gave rise to a direct musical melody [BACH = B flat/A/C/B natural], but for Johann Sebastian a pair of deliciously mirrored numbers with which he was wont to sign his name at beginnings and endings in particular. If A=1, B=2 etc. (I and J are counted as the same letter), then: BACH = [2+1+3+8] 14 JSBACH = [9+18+14] 41 The above is wilfully paraphrased from Richard Egarr's own superb notes from this new recording of the Partitas; crowning his already extensive series of Bach's harpsichord works, and illuminating every one of their multiple facets.
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