Taneyev, Sergey
Taneyev: Complete String Trios
Belcanto Strings
nr katalogowy
MDG 634 1003-2
Sergei Taneyev's String Trios share much with certain works of Tchaikovsky, his teacher and friend, whose own chamber pieces look back to Schubert. Lyricism and emotion combine with a decided classical sensibility to create some very attractive music that is less overtly Russian, and more Viennese Romantic, than what we are used to with Taneyev's symphonies. Here, the members of the Belcanto Strings approach this music with this in mind, and the results are very rewarding indeed. From the start, the group's musical gestures speak from both the heart and mind, and the outer movements benefit from beautifully shaped phrasing, crisp chords, and the true ensemble playing on display here. Delicate unison melodies and perfectly matched bowstrokes make the folksy Scherzino of the E-flat major Trio especially enjoyable, and just this movement followed by the extremely moving Andante espressivo would be worth the full price of the disc. Equally impressive is the delightful D major Trio. Opening with bright sunshine anSd humor, then working through Taneyev's different moods, the Belcanto Strings engage the ear and keep the listener in rapt attention throughout, most notably in the somber Adagio.--David Preiser, ClassicsToday.com
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