Lully, Jean-Baptiste

Moliere a l’opéra - stage music by Jean-Baptiste Lully

Les Paladins;
Correas, Jerôme
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GCD 923509
With 'Moliere a l opéra' Jérôme Correas and Les Paladins bring their much-admired combination of Baroque stylishness and varied vocal techniques to comédies-ballets composed by Jean-Baptiste Lully and Marc-Antoine Charpentier during the reign of Louis XIV. The musical and theatrical partnership involving Lully and Moliere they were dubbed 'les deux Baptiste' was one of the most invigorating ever entered into, marrying melody, words, acting and a shared hunger for fame. The collaboration spanned ten works over a decade from 1661. Although Moliere never provided the words for a Lully opera, the great dramatist clearly inspired the composer in his later tragédies lyriques, a view upheld by the essayist for this recording, Elisabeth Giuliani. As well as presenting scenes from Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, this new Glossa recording draws on the humorous end of the Moliere/Lully partnership in Monsieur de Pourceaugnac as well as more tragic airs from 'Psyché', by way of the trio grotesque from Charpentier s score for Le Mariage forcé. Luanda Siqueira, Jean-François Lombard, Jérôme Billy and Virgile Ancely are the versatile vocal quartet brought together by Jerôme Correas, alive to the daunting and frequently crazy characterisations demanded by Lully and Moliere.
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Moliere a l’opéra - stage music by Jean-Baptiste Lully

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