Beethoven, Ludwig van
Beethoven: Prometheus Variations; Sonatas op. 49
Pashchenko, Olga
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Alpha 201
Olga Pashchenko makes a conspicuous entrance in the Alpha catalogue with a disc devoted entirely to Beethoven. One will remember her interpretation of Opus 111, released by Fuga Libera, of which the appropriateness and maturity left a powerful impression. In this new recording, Olga Pashchenko has chosen to combine the two Opus 49 sonatas and three sets of variations, thus tackling what are commonly called smaller forms but which remain major Beethoven works nonetheless. This young pianist (she is not yet 30) commands admiration for her way of always enlarging her route, which is already long (she gave her first recital when she was 9, in New York), relying on certain great influences (in particular, Alexei Lubimov) and thereby further affirming her personality as an exceptional musician.
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