Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb
Janitsch: Sonate da Chiesa e da Camera
Epoca Barocca;
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CPO 777 910-2
He was a good contrapuntist, and his quartets currently continue to be the best models of this style.« When the composer Johann Wilhelm Hertel wrote these laudatory words in 1784, the musician on whom he lavished this praise had been dead for more than twenty years – a long time, when one bears in mind that musical taste underwent an enormous change during the second half of the eighteenth century. The »good contrapuntist« was Johann Gottlieb Janitsch, by trade one of the »first chapel servants« of Frederick the Great. Following his father's wishes, Janitsch initially studied law at the University of Frankfurt an der Oder but even here already received his first commissions to write festive compositions. Beginning in 1736 he was a chamber musician under Crown Prince Frederick at Rheinsberg Castle, where he founded a »Musical Academy, « which he then later continued in Berlin. Numerous manuscripts have survived in the Archive of Berlin's Singakademie, once again available since 1999, and some of the works recorded here are transmitted solely in the archival materials of the Singakademie. Today they once again offer us a vivid impression of the highly cultured and innovative spirit that must have animated Janitsch's musical academies.
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